Wind energy backed by research

Aug 16, 2019
The following “Letter to the Editor” was published in the August 14, 2019 edition of the The Wilber Republican.

Wind energy has been proven to be an economic boon for communities across rural America.

EDF Renewables is proud that the Milligan 1 Wind Farm will generate clean American energy for more than 100,000 homes, create hundreds of local jobs, produce more than $45 million in tax revenue for the state and Saline County and provide much needed additional income for local farming families.

As one of the leading global developers of modern wind energy projects, EDF Renewables provides both the depth of expertise and resources to construct and operate this state-of-the-art project, and we will do so with our corporate commitment to transparency and accountability.

Yet misinformation, often fueled by internet rumors and purposeful misdirection, can harm the ability to have open and honest discussion about wind project development.

The reality is that study after study, from state and federal government to major universities, proves wind turbines are safe and pose no health risk. Additionally, the widely respected Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has found no evidence of any negative impact on property values for homes near wind farms (LBNL, 2013).

With nearly 60,000 wind turbines operating across 41 states, best practices are now well established. EDF Renewables is committed to these best practices, including common sense setbacks from buildings, to ensure that we will operate as a good tenant and as a good neighbor.

Issues like sound and shadows have been mitigated through setbacks and careful placement of turbines so that any direct effects to neighboring residents are avoided. With these measures, sound from a wind turbine heard at a neighboring residence will
be no louder than the hum of a refrigerator (GE Global Research). Any shadow flicker will be limited to a handful of days per year, for mere minutes per day.

For the 150 landowners who are hosting a wind turbine or other wind farm infrastructure, regular lease payments from EDF Renewables will total more than $50 million over the life of the project, providing a stable new source of farming income that will benefit the entire Saline County economy.

In addition, the construction phase will bring hundreds of thousands of dollars in local spending, as well as 200 jobs and tax revenue to benefit residents.

As we get started, we welcome your input and are available to answer any questions. We are committed to transparent communication, based on facts.

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