Construction Updates

Construction is underway on the Milligan 1 Wind Farm. We understand that this process entails some necessary disturbance to local residents. Please rest assured that safety will always be our top priority. Below you can find more information on the delivery and construction progress.

During May

  • The Project will continue to erect turbines South of Saline Center and East to CR 1500.
  • Starting May 13th and continuing throughout the month, additional turbines will be delivered East of Saline Center and North of CR N.
  • Cable installation will occur between turbine locations.

During June

  • Turbines will continue to be erected as noted above.
  • Turbine components will be delivered West of Saline Center and North of CR N.
  • Cable installation will continue between turbine locations.

What to Expect

Turbines will be delivered in complete sets - 8 or 9 trucks carrying long loads. These trucks will be carrying the turbine tower sections, the turbine blades, the nacelle, the hub and other small parts.

With deliveries and construction underway, please know that we are here to address any concerns or questions that arise.
Call Ric Nelson: 972-804-9234 or our Milligan 1 Operations Manager Contact Number: 855-916-7369.
Or, visit our Connect with Us page and fill out our simple contact form.

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