Milligan 1 Wind

A Saline County wind farm planned to begin operation in 2020 that will generate clean energy, boost the economy and strengthen Nebraskan family farms.

We know Nebraskans value their land, our goal isn't to change Nebraska but to continue to strengthen the communities in which we work by creating jobs and tax revenue.

Why Milligan 1 Wind?

The 300 MW wind project is estimated to create 200 jobs during construction and ten permanent jobs.
Nearly $100 million in property tax revenue and landowner payments over the life of the project will provide financial support to reinvest into schools, infrastructure and other important community needs.
The project will provide clean, low-cost electricity for 100,000 homes, helping protect the environment and reduce utility costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do wind farms affect family farming?

Wind farms help preserve family farms. Lease payments provide a stable income stream that helps small farms weather fluctuations in crop production and pricing. Additionally, a typical wind farm uses only 1 to 2 acres of farmland per turbineā€¦ Read More

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